Daily 20-minute practice

Week 1: Courage 

Week 2: Contentment 
Week 3: Compassion 

Step onto the mat and into your body, mind, and heart!

Sunday: Intro, Stretching, and Meditation
Monday: Core
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Upper Body
Thursday: Flow putting it all together 
Friday: Stretching, Breathwork, and Meditation
Saturday: Flow to culminate the week
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21 practices - each 20 minutes - Yours to download and keep



"The vinyasa flow with Djuna was AMAZING. In fact it was perhaps the best vinyasa flow class I have been to in a while. It was fun and challenging, and the sequence of poses was great and interesting. She has an encouraging attitude, does not take herself overly seriously, and helps create a sense of calmness."

— Kelly Z.
"Djuna is an expert in creating a perfectly balanced class - you'll feel both challenged and relaxed, strengthened and softened. She clearly brings a great deal of knowledge, intention and awareness to her teaching and is able to share it openly."

— Cheryl T.
"She is confident and has the steadiest flow sequence of any teacher I've had. Her class is challenging but not jerky, which I think is hard to accomplish. She has a wonderful grounding personality that doesn't overtake the class but is reassuringly there, so that one can really focus on breath and the more internal aspects of yoga."

— Leslie C.

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