I had an aversion to yoga for many years. I thought it was just a bunch of stretching and breathing. I didn’t think yoga could possibly give me a workout, help me develop strength and endurance, or benefit my busy life. Oh how wrong I was. After taking a few yoga classes during a time of personal upheaval I quickly discovered that while there was plenty of stretching and breathing that was only the tip of the iceberg. I soon found I was developing physical, emotional, and spiritual strength through my evolving yoga practice. Six years after this beautiful revelation I began feeling the pull to share the wonders of yoga with others, which led me to the teacher training program at mang’Oh Yoga.
A life long love of moving and a firm belief in the healing that comes from developing and deepening the mind-body connection has led me to successful careers as a dancer, choreographer, and dance/movement therapist. I received my B.A. in dance from Bard College and my M.S. in dance/movement therapy from Pratt Institute. I have trained and performed with numerous dance companies in California and New York. My choreography has been shown in California, New York, and Germany. In 2010 I formed Passed Dance, a company comprised of dance/movement therapists invested in producing thought provoking, emotionally evocative dances that impact performers and audiences alike. I have taught dance and creative movement to preschoolers through high schoolers in public and private schools. As a dance/movement therapist I psychotherapeutically utilize movement to help people develop greater emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration within their lives. I have done group and individual work with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient addiction treatment centers, and day treatment programs.
My goal is to enable students to deeply connect with themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Utilizing my choreographic talents and extensive knowledge of the body my classes contain creatively fluid and challenging combinations of asanas linked with pranayama to allow the body to safely develop strength and flexibility. My work as a therapist allows me to attune to what is occurring for individuals as they practice, while simultaneously creating and holding a safe space that allows for connection, self-exploration, and playfulness. Join me to sweat, think, feel, and discover something new about yourself.

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