Finding Moments of Daily Beauty:

an exploration of meditative awareness, creative expression, and replenishing hope


March 18th & 25th 8am PST/11am EST


This will be a virtual workshop with guided individual explorations.

In the fall of 2020, I left New York City and came out to the Central Coast of California. I began sharing daily photos of the gorgeous nature surrounding me on my Instagram stories. At some point, I labeled these photos: Moments of Daily Beauty. And well, as they say, the rest is history. Pausing everyday to not just acknowledge something beautiful but to actually capture it in some way was incredibly grounding, healing, and replenishing during times that felt chaotic, overwhelming, and hopeless. 

Two and a half years later, I feel called to share this practice of, Finding Moments of Daily Beauty. 

We will virtually come together exploring how to find moments of daily beauty anywhere, anytime. Individually, with short, recorded meditations as a guide, you will practice finding moments of daily beauty and creatively capturing them (this could be photographs, videos, artwork, movement phrases, poetry, or writing). We will come back together to share our moments of daily beauty, our creative expressions, and how this practice affected us.


Finding moments of daily beauty wherever we are does not require time or even being in a gorgeous setting, it asks for a meditative awareness and presence. Quite simply, it shows us how a regular meditation practice can positively impact what we pay attention to throughout the day.

Creative expression helps us break old patterns, see things from new angles, and understand ourselves in new ways. Our creative expressions are not meant to be masterpieces, let alone any “good” - they do not even have to be shared with anyone else.

No meditation or art making experience is necessary.
Finding moments of daily beauty requires minimal time with maximum benefits.


Workshop consists of:
*Two 90-minute virtual gatherings - March 18th & 25th
*Six recordings of 5-minute guided mediations for you to use whenever you chose

Sliding Scale Pay 
Whatever you wish between $5 and $50
(Venmo @DjunaPassman or Zelle)

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